My Story

If you've found yourself to this page, my name is Marielou but my nickname is Loulou. Although I'm 16, i've found myself spending countless hours on the three things I, working on my pursuit of entrepreneurial knowledge, and fashion. Heavy on the last one.

I find my days striving for efficiency, my hustles, and to look fly doing it. As of freshman year, I went through a period of time really finding my style (as many others do). Ive gotten to a point of setting myself at high expectations to look effortlessly swank all day everyday....even being someone people look up to and want fashion advise from.

Now my inspiration for Marieloulou was really to create a platform of unique pieces and collections to upgrade your closet in the directions of comfort and style. Ive noticed that sometimes comfort and style don't quite go hand in hand so visualizing street x loungewear really caught my excitement in creating.

School and my peers have had an impact on Marieloulou and specifically the Homebody collection. I personally opt for a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie everyday for school. That's pretty much the "go to" for my friends as well, along with pajama pants and blankets people would bring and wear to school. Though it's not flattering, it sparked an idea for looking dope while being comfortable. Ive experimented with materials and created designs that are eye catching and can be worn for comfort and style.


Fort Worth, TX



Now a note from my mother

Her passion of hustling, dance and dedication to the pursuit of professionalism, characterizes her personality. She embodies the spirit and curiosity of a young entrepreneur, which allows her to create a genuine brand.

As a mother and entrepreneur myself, I strive to help Marielou cultivate her creativity and business sense, thereby helping her create a brand that will grow and flourish with her.


Ozark Mountains